Get 6 ways through your importance of education for children

1 Importance of education for children

The name of huge possibilities around the world is human. To make this possibility inevitable, there is a need for child development, child education. There is no alternative to education to build a child as a perfect man. Child-development, child-reading books, children’s educational materials are needed for child development. Child development is the key to child development. Childbearing book attracts a child, gets used to reading. Reading is vital to the development of child education. But how is the opportunity to increase the readability of Bangladeshi children? How easy is the childhood book?

Children’s education is given the greatest importance in pedagogy. Completely development of the child is not possible without proper education. Any education system indicates four main pillars – learning to learn, learning to do, learning to live and living in harmony. They learn all that they learn about their life, based on these four pillars. So children are no exception. Through this learning, the child will create his personality, knowledge. Baby imagination is remarkable; Because the child can think of the open standards, the question can be asked without a doubt. The power to think about this is the beginning of the child’s colorful imagination. Children’s education makes the child interested in education, extends education. If the image does not develop through education, then the thinking becomes stagnant; Can not move forward with thinking. That is, intentional intelligence does not develop.

Children continue to learn Because everything is needed for living, by self-effort, and in the company of others, everything is to be acquired. Education is now a systematic matter. To come to this method, some formalities have to be adopted. Children are no exception to this rule. So the child also has to take some preparatory preparations. This introduction of the child learns to study the child through contact. This habit builds learning habits. That practice increases reading. This skill draws attention to the child, enlightens the knowledge.

  2. Child education must be given the greatest importance

Family, society, healthy and natural environment needed for healthy and normal development of the child. But, children in the country are growing up in an unhealthy environment. As a result, they are becoming and mentally ill. Speakers at a seminar on the occasion of Environment-Protection Movement (PABA) in the morning. he primary education of the country’s population is the foundation of skill development. To get this education, it is necessary to create equal opportunities for all children in the country. This level of education creates the basis on the next level. The importance of primary education in national life is very much.

That due to economic, regional and geographical reasons, it is not possible to bring 100 percent children under the primary school. But, it is necessary to ensure standard education for the child. The speakers said that the main place for child development is his family. The family members misbehave, lying, corrupting, unbalanced use causes children to go astray.

Children are affected by neighbors and relatives. Children are more influenced by classmates and teachers in educational institutions. Child-centered education is today established on the child’s three characteristics. Those three characteristics are his needs, interests, and capabilities. In traditional education, the child’s own needs, interests, and capabilities were completely neglected. Child education was designed and managed according to the needs of the elderly. But in the modern education system, the child’s place is foremost. In the evolution of time, with the spread of education all over, the evolution of primer type and application evolved. Now it is based on strict curriculum and system-based and primer according to the student’s mind, environment and needs. also to the specific curriculum-based primer, many helpful books are published for children. so that is the way of reading and writing Primer’s main purpose is to build reading and writing skills. The child first learns to listen. If you read books, understand and understand, then education becomes tenser.

3. Baby education: relevant ideas

If the children are well-educated, the country will move forward. The people will enjoy the benefits. That is to say – education is energy, liberation in education. There is no alternative to education to grow as a qualified person. Education can be the most powerful weapon for poverty reduction. It has been said about pre-primary education in national education policy. Before starting formal education for children. And it is necessary to create an environment of emotional and physical preparation. So it is important for them to arrange school-preparatory pre-primary education. Together with other children. It will be helpful to create an interest in education in children. Also, pre-primary education techniques used their normal living. Make efforts to protect children from their usual inquiries and curiosity. Asked to provide education with sympathy and love in the environment. The safety of the children will be ensured that they are not victims of any physical and mental torture. The National Education Policy also says that. The goal of elementary education is to achieve moral qualities such as honesty, commitment, discipline, and its science. Culture, human development as the motivation of the state.

But how much do about the importance of education for children for education power? Also to the private school’s board in government schools, children are facing severe pressure from so-called help books.  Auxiliary books are increasing the burden of children’s books, on one hand, the financial burden of parents is also increasing. But, many have claimed that books are being given to give ideas on all aspects of the age to keep pace with the ages. How young is the age of children? In that case, humble in the book, reading five to seven books at that age. And it is not acceptable to completely reduce the books of children. The weight of children’s bag is increasing. Body weight is decreasing. Childhood is being taken away from life. He is becoming a robot. What is the advantage of making this powerful man, the amount of work that is coming?

It seems that, as much as we do not want to be able to raise children, how much of our interest is as a guardian, to assert that. This is an unnecessary competition, which has no valid reason.

4. The need for work-oriented education in children’s psychology

Bangladesh’s education system has been running from the English period to today. This arrangement is actually called book centered. If the textbooks can be recited in a comprehended book, they may not have the difficulty of passing the tests with the achievement. Thus, the examination of knowledge has not been tested, but the ‘memory-energy’ examination has been concluded. There is some need for manual education to create a beautiful life. There is no way to deny this. But, ‘book’ education does not solve the problems of life to humans.

Studying at a school in Buckham City, Germany, is taught once in a new way or in sports. Promotion and good results are not big words. Younger boys learn to create a sword in a tech class. In fact, they learn to play while they are kaidakanuna. Besides, the style of working of each child is different. So the children propose, what they want or not do. The baby’s wish is priced here. The field of education is not narrow-it can be said to be ‘wide’. Apart from reading in the school, all the activities that are related to the school are meaningless – although it seems to be meaningless in the eyes. For example, gardening, picnic, education in various festivals, education in democratic life, rhyme. The child receives knowledge with all his senses only by listening to his ears. So all sensual importance in education is required. Children are employees – but they are hard to listen to. Patience is very low in them. Their normal religion is the workplace. Children should learn different kinds of handwork through natural religion. It is desirable to please the heart of the child by drawing attention to the needs of the child. They have learned to write, read, computer, but never learned to be human, to be social, to be self-reliant or self-centered. In a word, in conventional education, children could not develop their personality. The main focus of education is the development of students, the ability to express emotional emotions.

5. The role of teacher development of the child

Now every person in the world realizes that there is no alternative to education to improve real life. So most parents are taking an initiative to enroll the child in pre-primary classes at 5+ years of age. Bangladesh is not behind. 76% of pre-primary education participants get creative development of our education policy. The focus is on the creative development of children with special needs for the children. In many ways, as well as creative work, children can establish themselves in society. There is a need for creativity to form a healthy body and mind for the full development of the child. Our teachers do not give less importance to the child’s development as a parent. But often, despite the talent of the child, it can not be developed, because it can not be made to make it the right field. Many of the teachers who are currently in primary education have the highest degree and they lack talent. Only teachers can develop talent through proper guidance and sincerity. There are certain things in the child class and the creative development of the child is done through drawing and playing. Through this creative development, the child’s imagination can grow, talk, and try to make himself alone. There is no textbook related to creativity from 1st to 5th-grade students. Teacher’s instruction is for teachers only.  The chapters are arranged to identify the eligibility of the class. A teacher, with his thinking, helps a creative child develop a child. The class work will help the child’s creative development to increase the quality of the child and the quality of life of the child. All children in the class work are not skilled at the same level. Some students draw pictures, some prefer to make something with clothes, soil or paper. All these enrich the child’s creative development. In class work, the teachers will be interested in what the children are interested and skilled. She has to encourage her based on the child’s interests and expertise. There will be an interest in him.

If he gets encouragement and recognition from a child teacher and guardian, he will be more interested in and interested in that work. Later he would be encouraged to do something better.  Support for development: Children’s Creative Needs for Special Needs. So the Will Without Gate Human Resources, The Border of Families and Society. The creative development of the child can give a rich and prosperous country. So, the importance of the creative development of the child is important. In this case, the teacher’s role is also important with the guardian.

6. Pleasant environment needed to develop a child’s latent talent

Professor Shamsul Huda Liton: Today’s Child’s Future Child wealth is the best asset. To make the children well-educated, they need to be happy. If he is educated according to the capacity of the child, he will be one of the brightest experts. Between the joy of the child’s life the education of life. The strict regime, control, adverse environment, child education, lead to life in the path of uncertainty. The joy of the child’s mind is the main source of energy of his body. It is impossible to develop his latent talent without joy and environment. Joyful Learning is one of the primary means of child education. The Bengali word for the word “English Education” is education. The word “education” comes from the Latin word. There are three basic words found in Latin. One of Educare’s The meaning of this education is to rear up, to care for, to fulfill, to fulfill. That is to say, education is the only way to help in achieving the ability and skill to live a life full of care for the child.

Education was meant to control or regulate children. The importance of education for disciplines of children was prevalent in our countries and regions. It was an education. But modern educationists called this kind of education a narrow education.

The name of imposing force on the child is not education. The real education is to teach children in an environment that is suitable for the child. Renewed French Philosopher Jean-Janice Russell Said, “Education Child’s Development From Worthing”.

The goal of education is to develop the normal and balanced development of a child’s capability and energy level. The teacher’s main work is to discover and develop the underlying characteristics of the child. Children are soft-minded. Children feel comfortable in a lively environment. Governance, control, scary and grief environment interfere with the education of children. Child education and happiness are involved in a haphazardly. Without pleasure, children will not be encouraged to learn. Student’s education is a psychological embryo. Having a suitable environment can lead to the development of the fetus. Children will learn, flirt with imagination, turn their backs. Children will learn through sports, their mind. They will practice the mind by connecting nature, not limited to classrooms. Children will learn from schools, family, and society, by themselves alone. Children will learn unknown with Mitali Children will know. Without pleasure, children will not be interested in learning. His teaching will be hidden in the heart of happiness. Joy is the vehicle of his education and the medium of education.

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