100 life goals, any person can set the goals of his own life from here

You can see below the topics that you have been given the idea of. You can choose one of these conclusions. Which will make it easier to dtermine your life. By making such a list, I set my own goals. So I got a lot of benefits from here. I set it up and achieved it. That’s why I have made such a list for you today. For this, I think I am very happy for myself. I think the best that I have for myself, I think it is best for you. From now on all types of people will be benefited. Everyone understands life. However, it is very necessary for students. Your attitude will change by your goal.

  • Introduction about life goals
  • Those who could not study well, can do anything in life?
  • If we can not study, what do we need to do something good in life?
  • 100 goals list with other types
  • Some medical profession
  • Some of the big and small profession of engineering level
  • Now there are some engineering jobs for which not to study
  • Some goals of the business
  • Many types of medium business
  • Some life goals in the IT sector
  • General jobs
  • Some life goals for the country lover
  • Life goals of the achieved by own talent
  • Some life goals in sports
  • Others careerstime management for students


Introduction about life goals

One goal in 100 life goals is set for yourself. Because there will be a lot of time in mind that how to set goals of life. So you have 100 goals of life. You can set your own goals according to your skills and qualifications from here.

We have to do a lot of things in our lives. We have to keep our life dynamic through everything. Everyone wants to be something in life. Everyone wants to prove themselves. From childhood, we grew up through research. I know a lot. There are many things we have learned. Since childhood, we grew up through many things. The other people grew up, we saw that. We have seen man’s success. Seeing these, I also want to be successful. We also wish that we do something good in the future. There is a lot of trouble to do these good things.100 Life Goals

Everything we need to grow in life and we are successful. To set the future we have to find out the goals of our future life.

Of course, we have to find a goal for our future. We need the right goal in life. Because if we work with any target, then we may not be successful. The reason for this is that if I do not like my choice, then nothing will happen. We have to do something that is pleasing to us and we are very happy to do this. So it is necessary to set the goals of our lives in line with our self and our own character. According to our own ability, we need to set our goals. Whether that qualification is our educational or working. Depending on these two things, we need to set our goals.

A common thing is that those who study well are good in the future. Yes, this is true. The better you study as well as your future. You can go to a big stage. Your life will be very bright. But along with the education you need to have some skills. As a result, opportunities for your success will increase further.

So, those who could not study well, can not do anything in life?

Answer: Why not? Of course, you can. It is possible to do many things without studying. It is possible to own a lot of money. This is possible to achieve fame.

 If we cannot study, what do we need to do something good in life?

Answer: Our needs skills and talent.

The goal of life is to ensure that you will work on the job in the future. There is no shortage of profession in the world. There are millions of profession in this world. Whether it is big or small. Income is low or high. But there are all kinds of occupations, by which we can set our profession for the future. People of all classes of society can take part in all the profession. If we respect all the profession and work for small and big jobs then we will not have unemployed people in our society. So we will go further in progress.

To be successful in the future, there must be a lot of competition. To reach our own goals, we have to work very hard with the competition. Other people have to leave behind. Then we have to move forward. ] Many of us think this.100 life goals

Actually, there is no need for competition. There may be some competition in some cases. But it is not good to think about competition in all cases. People with their qualifications progress in life. Success levels are good for those whose ability and skills are good.

There are many types of profession listings in the whole article. That will help you set goals of life. Here are the goals of life on the list. It can your future goals list.

100 life goals list with other types

Educated people can choose jobs

  1. Doctor
  2. Engineer
  3. Managing Director of any Company
  4. Officers
  5. Higher businessmen
  6. Teacher of University
  7. Headteacher of education institute
  8. Work in IT (informational technology) sector.
  9. Politician
  10. Lawyer
  11. Scientist. etc

If you are doing something like this, then you must study. These are the most honorable and highest level occupations in society. To be something like this, it is necessary to study according to many levels.

Some medical profession 

  1. You can work in a pharmaceutical company.
  2. You can do business by opening up pharmacy pharmacies. This is a very profitable business.
  3. You can work as a doctor’s assistant. There is no need to study so much for this.
  4.  A drug company or a hospital can create a business for you. The business is very profitable. But to do that, you need to have a lot of money and companionship. Besides, if you recharge more about this, you will find many big jobs and businesses.

Some of the small and big profession of engineering level 

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Computer Engineer
  3. Civil Engineer
  4. Architecture Engineer
  5. Automotive Engineer etc.

If these engineers have to study engineering topics. There are some engineering skills to achieve with the study.

Now there are some engineering jobs for which not to study 

  1. Mechanical engineer
  2. Electrician
  3. Refrigeration and Television Mechanic
  4. Motorbike Mechanic
  5. Motor car mechanic
  6. Bicycle Mechanic or Mobile Phone Mechanic. etc

Studies are not necessary for these occupations. These have to learn to work. It is necessary to work with them.

Some goals of the business

  1. Construction Business
  2. Medical Business
  3. Car business
  4. Transport business
  5. Bank Business
  6. Software Business
  7. Product Business
  8. Dealership business of Product Company
  9. Restaurant business
  10. Hotel Business
  11. Share Market Business etc.dreams and goals

These businesses are a high-level business. If you study, it will be great for these businesses. You can do this business even if you do not study. But to do this business you have to have business ideas. The biggest thing is that you have to invest a lot more money to make this business. After all, these businesses are very profitable. You can be the owner of millions of money if you can do that business.

Many types of medium businesses

  1. You can open various things store
  2. You can buy a car. It can earn money by renting it.
  3. You can build a house on your land and earn money by paying people. You do not have to do any work for this. By renting a house, you can earn all your life.
  4. You can make a marketing business with a small business dealer with a company.
  5. Can open a travel agency. You can earn a lot of money by traveling to people.
  6. You can do the business of mineral resources. Mineral resources are very valuable. You will have to find out which minerals are available anywhere. If your home is in the vicinity of the sea, then you are aware of the mineral resources. Because most of the world’s mineral resources are in the sea.
  7. Pets are very profitable by opening all these farms. Farm of poultry, animals, birds etc. It’s a medium type of business. This business is very useful to earn money by investing less. This profession plays a very good role in the agricultural level.
  8. You can do business in the best market for medium and small investments.Dreams and goals
These are some of the middle-income businesses.

You do not have to study if you want to do these businesses. Then they could not meet and if they want to do business then they can do this business. They can do something good in life if they make it their target of life. First of all, it is better to start a business with small investing. If a business with a good mindset, then the business must be very large in one day.

It is true that business is not possible without money. You will invest in your business according to your ability. Keep yourself motivated in business. Trouble will be in the business. You can see that this small business can become a very big one day. And if you like this thing, then make business your goal.

Some life goals in the IT sector:

IT means information technology. This is the smartest trend in the developed world. IT Sector’s career is the smartest profession. There is a need to study to build a career in the IT sector. Again, there is a career in the IT sector, even though not studying. Which is much better than other careers for people who do not study. Even here, there is a part-time job for the students. There is no end to the IT sector. Some popular occupations of information technology

  1. Software Design and Development
  2. Web Design and Development
  3. Data entry
  4. White Hacking
  5. Graphics design
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Website Business
  8. Affiliate business with amazon.com
  9. Youtube

These are some of the most popular jobs in information technology. Each of these exercises is in many parts. These occupations have a good future. And these are all long-term. You can find out more about these jobs. The IT sector will help a lot to keep the world advanced. And here you can earn a lot more than hard work. If you want one of these can target your own life.

General job:
  1. Marketing Officer
  2. Hotel or restaurant manager
  3. Computer Operator
  4. Driver
  5. Caretaker
  6. Assistant or Secretary
  7. Make a job in a shop or company.

62.Security Guard

  1. Government jobs or government offices
  2. Bank jobs or bank managers


These are common jobs. If you want to do these simple jobs you can. There is no need to do well for all these jobs. If you have a good education then there are many benefits to these jobs. By doing this you can confirm your future. So if you like the goal of this life you can choose.

Some life goals for country lovers:
  1. Police
  2. Army
  3. Pilot
  4. The navy
  5. Undercover agent
  6. Detective


There are many more such jobs. These occupations are only for country lovers. There are many law enforcement forces in every country. You can join any law enforcement forces in your country. This will ensure your future. Again this will prove your country’s lover with it. There is a lot of work to do. It is necessary to study. If you want to get promotions in these jobs, you need to study more. You can achieve many honors in this. If you die in those cases then your respect will remain alive.

The aim of some of the goals achieved by own talent:
  1. Poet
  2. Artist
  3. Singer
  4. The actor
  5. Freelancer

The Freelancing Sector Most people work through their talents. It’s the work of the whole IT sector. It is possible to become freelancer without studying. Here you can choose the profession of your own choice. You can learn more about the internet if you search for it.

  1. Politic

The work of this profession depends on man’s talent. There are many more such jobs that we know and do not know anything. We have to find our own inner talent. Because God has sent us with our talent to this world. There is something inside us. We have to find out that.

Some life goals in sports
  1. Cricketer
  2. Footballer
  3. Hockey player
  4. Basketball player

There are many such games. We know very well about that. Need for talent to the sport. There are so many good players in the world who have gained many reputations for talent today. If you can play in the national team, you can be sure of your career. Good players have respect everywhere. Apart from the national team, there are many other teams, which are possible to ensure a career by playing.

There are also a few other carriers

  1. Motorbike racing
  2. Bicycle racing
  3. Car racing
  4. There are also many more small games in the Olympic Games.

Through these, human talent develops. A sportsman knows the people around the world. If you have such a game you will be able to become familiar with the world. Together your future will be successful.Dreams and goals

Other careers:
  1. Photographer

To be a photographer, you have to be a genius in photography. Who will love nature and creatures? Have to work with the mind.

  1. Photo Editing

Photography will be a great benefit if you learn photo editing. Photo editing with your graphics design affects the carrier. There is another relationship with one of them.

  1. Cameraman
  2. You can get many contacts from a hero or heroine in the film or in the play. With this, you will have a better future.
  3. In the case of acting, there is a more way. You can make many videos by editing and uploading to YouTube. From here you can earn a lot of money. Together you can with a lot of Femas.
  4. You can go abroad if you want to. You will go to a country where–

The good financial condition of the country from the financial condition of your country. There you can earn good money.

  1. The righteous people can earn in his life. We know ourselves about our religion. Like George’s Father and his colleagues. If you choose such a profession then there is a future.
  2. Journalist
The future of journalists is very good. In this profession, there is a need for study.
  1. Jobs in the railway department
  2. assistant of pilot
  3. A politician’s assistant
  4. Political leaders and national leaders
  5. Content Writer

Content writing is the work of the IT Sector. Review content and informative content are the two most popular. You can learn from the internet if you want. Those who know these things can learn from them. Content Writer’s has a good career. Which is very valuable.

  1. Clothing business is very profitable. If you have the capability you can open cloth garment. Then you can earn a lot more money. If you do not have the ability then you can open the clothes shop. You can also earn some money.
  2. By pets, you can earn good money. This is good business. If your pet is a hobby then you can do it. You make extensive use of your hobbies in your own career.
  3. Money Exchange Businesstypes-of-motivation

It is the money of one country to make money by transforming money into another country. Transfer from Dollar to Pound, Euro-to-Rupees, etc.

If you recharge a little bit for this, you will know better.

These are 100 life goals. These are positive goals in life. In fact, this 100 outbound and many more life goals. If you like anyone from here, you can choose it. Keep your life goals in line with yourself. Do not make any mistake in finding the goal of life. If you make a mistake, it is very difficult to reach the goal.

The right to target your life is only yours. Think about what you will do in the future. Make yourself ready for hard work. No danger can prevent you from happening. Think before you set your goals. Set your goals in line with your character and attitude.

Take ideas to set goals from these 100 life goals. Hope you can learn something from here. Learn about the goals of life. And in the profession you choose for yourself, you have to work for everything. You will never succeed if you do not quit and quit. So the importance of hard work is a little more. The goal is not to finish, it will have to work. Be self-confident. If you do not like these goals, then you will find out more about the goals of life. Now everything is available on the Internet. If necessary, you can make a list of 1000 life goals. Still, you will find life’s goal.

If there is a goal of life then there will be a success in life. So life’s goals are of little importance. The importance of student life is more. After all, your self-confidence will enable you to succeed. Try and achieve something in life and succeed.

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