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Why is time management is important?

The importance of time is very important in everyone’s life. Everyone wants a long term plan in their personal life, everyone. There is a need for a transparent and timely work plan of responsibility and workplace. The long-term plans should be re-formatted for different periods including annual, monthly, daily. That talk is no longer limited to mere bullies. Many successful people have shown their reality. That’s half of the implementation of the Kano work plan. Even after performing the program, the other half-implemented. Waiting costs based on results. The amount of time you spend on the task will be worth the effort.

Otherwise, the time spent will use for reimbursement. Neglecting and not being able to take every moment to educated. Generally, the medium of instruction is two. One-book reading, two-way travel. Many people read books or gain knowledge only for getting jobs. Which is a sign of mere narrowness? which makes the person more convincing without being great. The knowledge gained through travel is more permanent and effective. Again many people spend time educating.


In this way, I do not want to be out of education at any time in the course of life.

A review of the lives of people who have realized the true value of time. shows that people suffering from constipation have made the world-famous. By using longer periods of toilets to use in newspaper reading and other activities. In Batuta has traveled over 75,000 miles in Europe, Africa and Asia to the world tourists. The desire to know natural adverse environmental conditions. And the fear of long-term traversal could not stop him. Though he was not a poet-writer. His inquisitiveness was not a story, but as a lesson, the world has remembered.


Time management can change your life.


There are two words in time management. One is the other, while the other is the management. Time is seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and years. And helps the management achieve the goals of the organization. Time management is the use of time in a systematic way to achieve the objectives of the organization. Time management is to ensure timely use and achieve the stated goals according to plan. So time management is how to manage ourselves. We can ensure the greatest use of the time we are bound. Time management is the need to ensure proper use of planned time to end important tasks in hand.


Time management is to ensure the greatest use of the time in reaching the goals in a person’s life and collective life. It does not wait for anyone else. They do not come back once they are gone. So, proper use of time at any stage of life is very important. Short-term, medium-term and long-term goals are common in people’s lives. as well as in macroeconomic life, short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.


Timely goals are to ensure the greatest use of time. It requires timely and realistic management. Want to make it an integral part of working life. In fact, on the back of a successful life, there is a systematic, time-management system. There are some demands of human life, there are some goals. They determine the environment, needs, and reality. The primary task of setting time goals on a priority basis. when planning needs to reach the target within a specified time. Good Planning half-done work A good plan solves half of the work. when tasks have to fix at certain times. He wants full attention and concentration.


Purpose of time management


The purpose of time management is to use time. Many methods, techniques, methods, and techniques of time management have developed. Once upon a time, people would hang their dots on the stone walls. Then the diary, notebook, created to further the duties. Created the calendar. Created the calendar It introduced the custom of hanging plans in front of their eyes. Today’s mobile phone and computer are the constant companions of the people. At the same time, they have made human time management easier than ever. There are options on each mobile set for personal time management.

There is much software on the computer too. With these people, people can decorate their goals more clear. By recording these priorities one can identify his progress. As the days go by, people’s lives are increasing. Increasing activity is also increasing. In this multitasking era, it is difficult to keep a lot of information in mind. From learning to write, computers, mobile phones have reduced the stress of the nerves. For anyone who can use these methods organic, the task becomes easier. In modern times time management has evolved as a branch of knowledge. This is an important factor in the management of large organizations and organizations.

That knowledge is also useful for personal needs. It is from student life to the life of every specialized laboratory. Knowledge about this can, so, use in every field. We know that the proper use of time is a kind of awareness, knowledge, and experience. For a person who has to run for office in the morning. People work for the sake of life, take rest. Earning money makes people rest How to divide time for work as well as rest is a special topic of time management.

The importance of time management


We have taught about the proper use of time management or planning. But we can not understand how important it is. Time management is the proper use of the time plan to finish the important task at hand. And this must acknowledge in educational institutions or in the workplace. But not fair in this case, there is a need for time management in many areas of life. Although this management may seem like an easy task installment, it is not. Better time management allows you to finish more tasks successful. If you can use time management in the workplace. Then not only will you save time, but you will also be able to do quality work in a very short period of time. Not only this, but it also increases your work in excellence.

As a result, the productivity of your organization will incisor hand without knowing the right time management. there is no doubt that it will have adverse effects not only in the workplace but also in your family and personal life. Time is important in people’s lives. If you can not attend meetings, classes, workplaces, etc, the effectiveness of labor decreases. The country of traffic, there is no accident, there is no end to the risks. Thus, there may be a delay in an unhealthy danger, he must stay before he gets to the account. Understanding society and culture are important. So the study should enhance. There must be the ability to deal with any situation.

The culture of society as a whole is base on the individual’s time-consciousness. why is time management important? Then we can say that all the fields needed.


Features of Time


1.Time temporarily

  1. When the time comes back and does not return.
  2. Time is a valuable asset.
  3. Life is formed through time.
  4. Always running, whose speed can not be stopped.
  5. Since it is best to divide time in a particular part of running time / running.
  6. In our scheduled time, all our tasks will be performed.
  7. You must perform your work.
  8. Work should be performed on a priority basis.
  9. The use of time should be planned.
  10. Better work is done in a short period of time.
  11. The right thing to do at the right time.
  12. The time to balance the time will be avoided for unexplained time spent. Above all, we have to prevent wastage.
Time is used appropriately

Successful use of time can be successful. Here are some ways to use time well:
1. Avoid killing time: Doing nothing for time means killing time. I wish no matter what the time. If you test this way, you will see the amount of time you kill every day from getting up in the morning to getting to sleep. After waking up, blood starts from the bed. Sitting in bed killed and spent some time. Before Fajr prayer, he was kill unknowingly many times. This is how every day, night, month, year and whole life goes on. So I have to make a firm promise that I will not kill even a second in the day and night. I will use every moment of my life properly, not to waste it. Allah Almighty has declared: That is, man can achieve all by pursuing. (Nazm: 1) So if we try, we will be able to avoid the huge loss of time and insha’Allah.

2. Controlling freedom of time: You did not waste time, but you worked one hour for 2 hours. Because you have the freedom to spend your time. No, it can’t be done. This freedom has to be controlled. The task of the response must be much higher than others. You need to try how much work you can do in an hour. The water can not be used as it is sitting in the sea to do oooooh, Islam has called it makruh. In this way, the working time of 3 hours per day will increase the work time of 3 hours a year.

3. Prioritizing tasks: If you don’t have a work priority list, you can do it as you wish. As a result, at the end of the day, many important tasks will be missed and less important work has been done. If a job has a priority list, it is possible to exclude a less important job if it has to be excluded. It will greatly assist the working responsible.
Time management techniques
  1. Ensure Telephone Presence: If you want to meet someone, you must first confirm your presence on the telephone or any other means. Because if you don’t get him, your time will be wasted.
  2. Keeping with paper pen notebook: Always keep a paper pen or a small notebook with you. It is best to write down a task list as it appears.
  3. Possibility of departure time: If you want to go away, keep your time longer than possible. Because jam or something unexpected happens on the way, so about reach the right place on time.
  4. Avoid anxious, self-centered people: It is good to avoid the anxious, self-centered ones that may be a waste of your time. But, when approaching the elderly, there can be time lapses.
  5. It is not always possible to get a job done by letter or telephone: It is better not to go to a private office for a job that can be repaired by letter or telephone. But, in the case of the elderly, in the case of the elderly, it is not possible to think only of the telephone.
  6. Keeping the retail money all the time: Keep the retail money near the rickshaw fare, bus fare, etc. on the road. Don’t waste time on retail.
  7. Taking time in advance for the meeting: When you want to talk to someone, take time in advance and tell them how much time you have to talk.

Time management and ours to do

One of the things that are most elaborately linked to human life is time. Every tense, moment the moment is so precious to us that we do not even realize it. Because we do not know the exact value of time. In Western countries, the time is ‘time is money’, that is, while it is time, there are various views, suggestions or solutions on management. at first: The English synonym of time is Time. The word Time comes from the Latin language. Time has come from Tempus. Which means that something happens in the past or whatever goes on Time is the soul of work.
It is the basic structure of human life. It is the root of human success everywhere. Time is the spirit of the work. It is the basic structure of human life. The root of human success everywhere. T = taste of, I = Income as, M = Money in, E = Everywhere. Time analysis of the word stands that Taste of Income as Money in Everywhere. That means money is invested everywhere in time. Time is the main source of all money.
Use of time is work, and work is money. Money comes through the proper use of time. Comes to improve life.If we say why is time management important? People have some wants in life, some goals. They determine the environment, needs, and reality. The primary task of setting time goals on a priority basis. The dignity of time: Time moves at its own pace. No one waits for a moment. It is an invaluable asset that will never lose. The real name of the time is basically life. The key to time management is to understand the nature and importance of time.

why is time management important

1. A good plan is like a map. If we follow directions, we will know where we are. How many paths we have crossed and how many more paths we have to take to achieve our life goals.
2. Planning saves us time and money. It basically cuts off our discarded work and is able to make us see only the necessary parts. We can find out if we have any work repetition. We will definitely not give our two customers the same meeting time unless they need to share the same goal.
3. Planning before we act, our brain exercises and generates good ideas. With planning, we have the opportunity to see our work in a different dimension.
4. The plan shows us what to do? How to do And how long will it take? Also to planning who needs to involved to complete the work.
At work hours
Important time management for everyday life. Time management can change the course of your life. If you can apply it properly. Everything can be done by you if you can adjust the time. Time management is to ensure the use of time and achieve the desired goals as per the plan. Its type differs between individuals and the environment. Due to occupational differences, its nature is bound to differ. Successful use of time can be successful. It is important to know the time management to create a good citizen, ideal personality and life. Here are the ways to use the time –
No use of time means killing time. In English, it is called Time Killing. I wish no matter what the time. In this way, the evaluation shows how much time we kill from waking up in the morning to sleeping in the morning. You didn’t waste time, but you did one hour of work in 2 hours. Because you have the freedom to spend your time.
It can’t be done This freedom has to be controlled. The task of the response must be much higher than others. You have to try how much work you can do in an hour. If there is no work priority list, you can work as you wish.
As a result, at the end of the day, many important tasks will be missed and less important work has been done. If a job has a priority list, it is possible to exclude a less important job if it has to be dropped.

Reason for wasting time:

There is no plan for the day’s work. Not having a goal in life. Don’t know about ideas or strategies about time management. Not having a priority list. Unexpected work to come. Own sluggishness, haunting mentality. Above all, do not think of time as a precious object.

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